June, 2006

John Bulunbulun, Tommy Gondorra Steele & Fiona Jin-majinggal Mason

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 16.06.06

John Bulunbulun is from the Arafura swamp area of North Central Arnhem Land, a senior member of the Gurrambakurramba clan, and highly regarded as a so ... more...» Read More

Towards Black and White

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 16.06.06

Japingka\'s group exhibition of indigenous artists whose paintings are created predominantly in black and white. A wide ranging group of desert artists are participating, from iconic and highly collectable artists through to newer and emerging artists. Many are best known...» Read More

Titjikala Artists - Sculpture & paintings

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 16.06.06

In association with the Titjikala Art Centre - Titjikala artists have developed a fresh approach to representing their history and their country. Brightly coloured paintings and whimsical sculptures show the lives of the artists and the landscapes they occupy....» Read More

Shorty Jangala Robertson & Liddy Napanangka Walke

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 15.06.06

Recent Works Beaver Galleries 81 Denison Street Deakin ACT 2600 www.beavergalleries.com.au...» Read More