Bush Plum Dreaming

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 06.05.01

Gallery: Mossenson Gallery

Located approx 250 kms NE of Alice Springs, the art centre of Utopia is located within the country of Arlparra, the home of two varieties of the native Bush Plum.

Arnwekety pronounced (a nook it cha)
Arrarntenh pronounced (ar-ki)

Arnwekety & Arrarntenh, Bush Plum dreamings was an exhibition especially curated for Indigenart, The Mossenson Galleries, by the art centre of Utopia, Urapuntja Artists Utopia.

The Arnwekety is a small black current, rich in vitamin C, some say it has up to 5 times the vitamin C of the average European orange. The small black berry has a sweet taste, with a sour pip, which is better swallowed than chewed. From March through to May Arnwekety are in abundance in Utopia and are an important dietary component of Alyawarr and Anmatyarr people in Utopia.

Arrarntenh is a larger, grape sized fruit. Whereas its cousin Arnwekety is a dark purpley black, Arrarntenh range in colour from a transparent skin, through to light yellows and oranges, maturing into a bright pink or light maroon. The Arrarntenh is a large plant with circular foliage compared to the smaller shrub sized Arnwekety bush.

Arnwekety&Arrarntenh, Bush Plum dreamings showcased the talents of several female and selected male painters from Utopia.

URL: http://www.indigenart.com.au/_common/frames.asp?content=content/exhibitions.asp

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Gallery: Mossenson Gallery
Contact: Diane Mossenson
Email: art@mossensongalleries.com.au
Telephone: +61 8 9388 2899
Address: 115 Hay Street Subiaco Perth 6008 WA



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Gallery: Mossenson Gallery

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