November, 2009

Desert Knowledge makes $34m funding bid

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 07.11.09

The Desert Knowledge Co-operative Research Centre is hoping three projects aimed at understanding and responding to the needs of remote Aboriginal people will help it secure long-term funding. The projects are part of a new bid the centre is making...» Read More

Art and Meaning

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 07.11.09

John Perreault’s popular blog, Artopia, has a recent posting that brings together a disparate variety of themes. Braided into Perreault’s personal ruminations is reference to “Icons of the Desert: Early Aboriginal Paintings from Papunya”, the aboriginal art show at Grey...» Read More

Thomas Ray Ahwang

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 07.11.09

THOMAS RAY AHWANG At Pandanus Gallery, Palm Cove Saturday, 14 November, 2009 from 2 – 5pm Thomas is a Torres Straits Islander born in December, 1974. A precocious child, primary school did not satisfy his yearning and craving to learn,...» Read More

2009 Victorian Indigenous Art Awards shortlist announced

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 06.11.09

Arts Minister Lynne Kosky has announced a shortlist of eighteen Indigenous artists from across Victoria for the 2009 Victorian Indigenous Art Awards. Ms Kosky highlighted the diversity of style and medium amongst the artists selected, and pointed to strong representation...» Read More

Carriers of Culture

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 02.11.09

“Our work is drawn from this knowledge using distinct pigment colours of the region on paper. One of the works shows the relationship between the cabbage palm and Kokoberrin Elder Henry Gumhole, a Senior Kokoberrin Elder who fought to have...» Read More