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Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2014-11-26 09:47:24

The Australian newspaper's galumphing headline writers had a field-day last Friday with their ultra-bold claim: 'Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi’s demise echoes the fate of Aboriginal art'. The obituary continued in the words of pallbearer Nicolas Rothwell: “The high-end market for traditional...» Read More




Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2013-05-07 14:01:02

An event of national significance occurs on Monday (May 6th) with the opening of The Emily Museum in the inauspicious setting of a converted factory in a back street in Cheltenham, the Melbourne suburb. It's not the right place –...» Read More




Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2013-03-22 20:15:15

A portrait of one of England’s most important religious figures - Cardinal Henry Newman, beatified by Pope Benedict in 2010 - has been placed in storage to make way for an Aboriginal artist's self-portraits. It's all happening in the 400...» Read More




Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2013-03-18 23:26:40

It's a fascinating time for the reputation of the great Emily Kngwarreye. Some time in May a whole museum is opening in Melbourne dedicated to her works from the collection of Hank Ebes, a major dealer during the later years...» Read More


Vale - Kunmanara Tjilpi Kankapankatja

Vale - Kunmanara Tjilpi Kankapankatja

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2013-02-22 09:30:14

One of the APY Lands most respected cultural leaders, ethno-botanists and senior artist of Kaltjiti Arts has died, aged in his mid 80s. Kaltjiti Arts notice of his passing states that Kunmanara Tjilpi Kankapankatja was born at Walalkara,...» Read More


COL LAVERTY 26/5/37 to 09/02/13

COL LAVERTY 26/5/37 to 09/02/13

Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2013-02-13 15:11:18

A huge hole has opened up in the Indigenous art collecting world with the death of Dr Colin Laverty OAM at the age of 75. The gentle giant who, in 1978, was the first in the world to publish his...» Read More


Passing of Thancoupie

Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2011-04-29 17:18:12

It is with great sadness that AAN learnt of the passing this week of Dr. Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher AO, best known simply as Thancoupie the Potter. She died aged 74 at Weipa Base Hospital on Cape York after a...» Read More


Sales signal rebound

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2010-08-10 20:14:04

The [Melbourne Art Fair] closed yesterday with some galleries reporting weaker high-end sales but overall results equal to the previous fair in 2008. Melbourne's Sophie Gannon Gallery sold 20 works worth a total of $120,000, Sydney's Tim Olsen Gallery achieved about...» Read More


Indigenous artworks auction likely to fetch $6m

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2010-07-26 00:00:08

WHEN the late Australian art dealer Gabrielle Pizzi was at school in the 1950s, students were taught that Aboriginal culture was of no interest. The young schoolgirl couldn't have paid much heed to those ill-informed and unenlightened views. She went on...» Read More


Less is more: Sotheby's hope for indigenous art

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2010-07-18 23:58:27

Sotheby's Australia is poised to stage one of its biggest indigenous auctions after scrapping its $5000 lower threshold. The move has given Sotheby's competitors reason to smile after they predicted the brand would go downmarket when it was bought by Sydney...» Read More


Aboriginal and Oceanic Art

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2010-07-05 22:25:55

Catalogue Now Online 1 July 2010 Sotheby's Australia is delighted to announce our forthcoming Aboriginal and Oceanic Art auction on July 26 and 27 in Melbourne. Under the directorship of Tim Klingender, the July auction has been firmly established for more than...» Read More


Ada Bird Petyarre c. 1930 - 2009

Ada Bird Petyarre c. 1930 - 2009

Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2009-07-15 18:53:02

Acclaimed Utopia artist, Ada Bird Petyarre, well known for the breast paint-ups of her Awelye (body paint designs) and for Arnkerrthe (Mountain Devil Lizard) paintings, passed away peacefully on Sunday 28th June. Famous for her bubbly personality, Ada was the...» Read More


Galleries with a glass of red

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2009-04-05 02:45:50

TarraWarra Estate At the other end of the winery-meets-art scale is the Yarra Valley's TarraWarra Estate, home of the TarraWarra Museum of Art. Directly across from the wine bar, cafe and tasting room is Australia's first significant privately funded public art gallery....» Read More




Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2008-11-14 15:14:53

A remarkable collaboration of forces from all over the country has resulted in an exhibition of cast metal sculpture by indigenous artists at Danks Street in Sydney. The artists include Tjampawa Kawiny from the Tjampi Weavers in the Western Desert, Jubilee...» Read More


Koorie Heritage Art Auction Highlight

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-09-18 16:14:04

An auction of Aboriginal Art in Melbourne in October, in support of the Koorie Heritage Trust, will feature a comprehensive collection of works sourced from leading galleries and aboriginal art communities around Australia. The auction curator, Ms Claire Mitchell, says the...» Read More


Melbourne Art Fair 2008

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-07-30 07:45:14

Melbourne Art Fair is the leading art fair and public exposition in the Asia Pacific region and one of Australia's most significant exhibitions of contemporary visual art. Established in 1988, the Melbourne Art Fair is held biennially at the historic Royal...» Read More


Culture Warriors : National Indigenous Art Triennial 07 13th October 2007- 10th February 2008 National Gallery of Australia

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2007-10-15 07:33:49

The inaugural National Indigenous Art Triennial opened on the 13th of October at the National Gallery of Australia (Canberra) in the presence of many artists and a huge crowd of over 2000 people. ‘Culture Warriors’ curated by Brenda Croft presents...» Read More


International Herald Tribune - For art buyers,where to go and how to get there

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2005-11-06 07:48:24

International Herald Tribune For art buyers,where to go andhow to get there Susan Gough Henly Sunday, November 6, 2005 Quoted from article: 'Contemporary Aboriginal Art" by Susan McCulloch is an excellent reference book for people interested in buying Aboriginal art. Among the companies offering tours to...» Read More


The Age - Aboriginal works and artful dodgers

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2003-09-20 06:43:40

The Age - September 20, 2003 Gabriella Coslovich As the value of Aboriginal art increases so, too, do claims that artists are being exploited, reports Gabriella Coslovich. An incredibly interesting article about the impact of the boom of Aboriginal Art sales globabbly in...» Read More


The fortunes of Aboriginal art outside Australia: ethnographica or art?

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2002-06-24 14:14:05

When Australians with even the most glancing interest in art meet overseas visitors, Aboriginal art is invariably a pressing topic. Tourists routinely buy Aboriginal work from all sorts of vendors, ranging from airport shops to Aboriginal-owned cooperatives. But many Australians...» Read More