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Paddy Japaljarri Stewart - 30/06/35 to 30/11/13

Paddy Japaljarri Stewart - 30/06/35 to 30/11/13

Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2013-12-17 15:06:19

Sadly, we have lost one of the real pioneers of Desert Aboriginal art, Paddy Japaljarri Stewart. Once known as Cookie Stewart, he was a chef at Papunya and was involved as a relative of Clifford Possum and Tim Leura through...» Read More




Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2012-10-05 11:47:02

Jeremy Eccles The Museum of Contemporary Art looks for the young and hopeful in art every Spring – thanks to the Jackson Family sponsorship in memory of their daughter Belinda, who died too young at 29. Curators of Primavera have mainly...» Read More


Northern Impressions in Print

Northern Impressions in Print

Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2010-10-22 14:13:38

A new exhibition, Northern Impressions: a celebration of contemporary printmaking, which features mostly contemporary indigenous fine art prints, has opened at the new Chan Contemporary Art Space in Darwin. It's only the second exhibition there, following the Togart Contemporary...» Read More


Collaboration etched in the desert

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2010-03-26 13:58:18

How to track the rhythmic dotting of a desert artist, hand poised close above the canvas? How to convey the smooth, floating line of an East Kimberley master or the fine, cross-hatched brushstrokes of a bark painter from north Arnhem...» Read More



Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2009-09-08 07:15:59

Alcaston Gallery is delighted to present this vibrant and exciting exhibition by the Bentinck Island artists of new paintings and prints that have been recently editioned at Northern Editions, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Northern Territory. The exhibition is presented in conjunction...» Read More


Etched in the Sun

Etched in the Sun

Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2008-09-23 18:24:38

Prints by Aboriginal artists have not always been a total success. Unlike their Torres Strait cousins, the mainlanders don't always manage the clarity and simplification that makes for a great etching, woodblock or silkscreen print. But if any collaborator is...» Read More


Jirrawun Editions

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-08-26 13:32:12

Jirrawun Editions recent etchings 2005-2008 Official opening by Nicolas Rothwell 1pm Saturday, 16 August showing until 29 August 2008 The Gallery, Building Orange 10 Jirrawun Editions represents the Darwin launch of a powerful series of etchings by major Kimberley artists Paddy Bedford (dec), Rammey Ramsey, Freddie...» Read More


Kimberley Ink

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-08-14 13:31:01

Kimberley Ink the Waringarri Suite and selected new etchings Kimberley Ink celebrates the launch of 'The Waringarri Suite' a deluxe boxed suite of hand-printed etchings combining the finest examples from Waringarri's senior and emerging artists in one collection. Produced in collaboration...» Read More


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Prints

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-06-01 07:47:34

The new display in gallery 8 features a selection of Indigenous and Torres Strait island prints, including works from the Warlayirti portfolio published by Northern Editions in 2006. The large coloured etchings by artists Jumpo Tjapanangka, Eubena Nampitjin, Elizabeth Nyumi...» Read More