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Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2013-09-09 18:04:31

Carrillo and Ziyin Gantner are fortunate people in having a) taste and great enthusiasm to collect Indigenous art and b) enough money to do things like flying around remote Aboriginal communities in a private plane in order to see and...» Read More


Bust up: Artworks withdrawn from sale

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2009-08-27 07:39:09

Two artworks depicting renowned Tasmanian indigenous leaders have been withdrawn from sale. The busts of Truganini and Woureddy were due to be auctioned tonight by Sotheby's but have been taken off the list, after protests from Tasmanian Aborigines. They were expected to...» Read More


Aboriginal art wrangle

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2009-08-27 06:48:14

ACADEMICS have defended opposition to the sale of two art works, rejecting claims of political correctness gone mad. The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre opposed the planned auction of the busts of famous Tasmanian Aborigines Truganini and Woureddy on the basis of cultural...» Read More