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Skin name:
Language: Mirawoong
Region: Kununurra
Dreaming: Goorgoojing (Frogmouth)

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Northern Impressions in Print

Northern Impressions in Print

Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2010-10-22 14:13:38

A new exhibition, Northern Impressions: a celebration of contemporary printmaking, which features mostly contemporary indigenous fine art prints, has opened at the new Chan Contemporary Art Space in Darwin. It's only the second exhibition there, following the Togart Contemporary...» Read More


Kimberley Ink

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-08-14 13:31:01

Kimberley Ink the Waringarri Suite and selected new etchings Kimberley Ink celebrates the launch of 'The Waringarri Suite' a deluxe boxed suite of hand-printed etchings combining the finest examples from Waringarri's senior and emerging artists in one collection. Produced in collaboration...» Read More


Three Women: One Country

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-08-05 06:06:20

Three women - One country shares the connection between artist and place. Judy Mengil, Daisy Bitting and Carol Hapke are connected by the country to which they belong; Ngarangarni. This exhibition is at the same time an individual expression by each...» Read More


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