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USA begins to open doors for Aboriginal art

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-06-19 01:29:50

Tara Ravens talks to Joel Newman from Austrade about the recent US buyer's tour. Quoted from the article: "America's sophisticated investors, collectors and wealthy elite are prepared to part with their money for quality art and should be targeted by Australian artists." It...» Read More


US art buyers touring 20 Indigenous communities

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-06-04 08:49:22

The ABC interviews Austrade's Joel Newman about the current Art Buyer's...» Read More


American Buyers Tour Outback for Aboriginal Art

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-06-01 09:07:11

The Epoch Times reports on the American Buyers Tour and interviews Joel Newman from...» Read More


Wanted: Fine Art Taste Makers

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2007-12-14 07:50:23

Contact: Joel Newman FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel: 310-282-7257 Mobile: 310-926-7532 Email: WANTED: FINE ART TASTE MAKERS Delegation being assembled for “Journey of a Lifetime” in the Australian Outback The Australian Government is recruiting seven American delegates for a 14 day tour of remote aboriginal art...» Read More


Aboriginal Arts Collectors Tour

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2007-12-14 07:47:57

Austrade Aboriginal Arts Collectors Tour Media Release 7 delegates over 14 days will take 8 charter flights visiting more than 23 remote art centres getting unparalleled access and attention from the industry’s leading figures Join Us Come join us for an unforgettable experience,...» Read More