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Anmanari Brown & Tjayangka Woods

Anmanari Brown & Tjayangka Woods

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2010-04-08 15:52:07

This exhibition marks Anmanari Brown and Tjayanka Woods’s first co solo exhibition in their intense painting careers, with a new body of work focussing on the Kungkarrakalpa, or Seven Sisters Tjukurpa. Anmanari Brown and Tjayanka Woods are two of the four...» Read More


Collecting Australian Aboriginal Art

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2009-01-26 11:29:55

Described by renowned Australian art critic, Robert Hughes, as belonging to ‘the world’s last great art movement’, collectors of art from this extraordinary ancient but vibrant living culture have, in recent years, fuelled a boom in sales. Prices at auction...» Read More