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Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2014-11-26 09:47:24

The Australian newspaper's galumphing headline writers had a field-day last Friday with their ultra-bold claim: 'Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi’s demise echoes the fate of Aboriginal art'. The obituary continued in the words of pallbearer Nicolas Rothwell: “The high-end market for traditional...» Read More




Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2014-10-24 17:42:47

A great wrong has been done to both history and Gough Whitlam's memory by the Fairfax press. Their splendid supplement on Wednesday to commemorate the passing of that great mover and shaker of a slothful Australia contained a section on...» Read More




Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2014-04-08 12:47:32

Anyone reading the usually-reliable Nicolas Rothwell in The Australian newspaper a couple of weekends ago (The Review 22/23 March) in a major essay entitled 'Culture War', would have come away convinced that an exhibition designed to reveal the extent of...» Read More




Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2014-01-13 10:52:05

Back in September, I responded to some depressingly bad critical reviews of the Indigenous content in the big Australia show at the Royal Academy in London. My blunt heading then was 'Crap Criticism in London'. Coincidentally, the Hobart art...» Read More


Jeremy Eccles

Jeremy Eccles

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2014-01-01 00:04:01

Jeremy Eccles has written for the Aboriginal Art Directory since its inception and loves the opportunity to share his experience of the Indigenous cultural world with its dedicated audience. A migrant from Margaret Thatcher's Britain, Jeremy first encountered Australia's Aborigines...» Read More




Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2013-03-06 19:00:16

Lance Bennett was one of the more enigmatic figures in the very conflicted world of interlocutors betweens Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures....neither an anthropologist nor a dealer, but a heroic warrior for tribal people against insensitivity and lack of understanding in...» Read More


Afternoon Tea with Ms Koori Love

Afternoon Tea with Ms Koori Love

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2012-10-31 11:08:16

Marrickville Council’s Resident Artist in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studio at Addison Road Centre (ARC) is Ms Koori Love. Ms Koori Love is the cheeky Koori Mail columnist who writes about love, relationships and Aboriginal communities for the Koori...» Read More


People On Country

People On Country

Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2012-10-16 17:58:52

Do you remember the ending to that great Indigenous film, Samson & Delilah? The damaged couple set up home in the middle of nowhere – a remote outstation where they could live off the country and recover their moral and...» Read More




Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2012-04-27 18:37:14

At a generally unhappy auction of Aboriginal art on 4th April at the house of Deutscher + Hackett, the National Museum of Australia swooped on two 19th Century drawings by the Kwatkwat artist, Tommy McRae. For $79,300 – a record...» Read More


Ernabella Craft Pioneer Dies

Ernabella Craft Pioneer Dies

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2012-03-11 11:54:50

In her 1968 book, The People in Between, about her life at Ernabella Mission station, Winifred Hilliard wrote, ''To the north there are bad people, and to the south there are bad people, but in between are the Pitjantjatjara people''....» Read More




Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2011-12-02 12:14:10

With just about every Aussie Aboriginal art gallery stocked to the hilt, it's not surprising that Christmas has brought out some novel approaches to clearing the shelves. I love Muk Muk's idea of offering 12 serious artworks at 50% off prices...» Read More




Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 2011-05-04 19:29:01

The East Kimberley was the first place in WA to join the Aboriginal art movement that spread from Papunya in the 1970s. As is well-known, Rover Thomas had a Dream following the awesome devastation of Cyclone Tracey; to share it...» Read More


Sales signal rebound

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2010-08-10 20:14:04

The [Melbourne Art Fair] closed yesterday with some galleries reporting weaker high-end sales but overall results equal to the previous fair in 2008. Melbourne's Sophie Gannon Gallery sold 20 works worth a total of $120,000, Sydney's Tim Olsen Gallery achieved about...» Read More


Art market - best of intentions, worst of realities

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2010-07-23 22:52:10

In July 2010 was announced that the Cooper Recommendations will be absorbed into Australia’s new laws for Self Managed Super Funds. Clearly, art has been diagnosed in these quarters as a non-“yield asset”. Regardless of its proven capacity to hold...» Read More


Aboriginal Art the Theme of

Aboriginal Art the Theme of "Hot Rock Dreaming", the New Thriller from Writer Martin Roth

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2010-07-07 16:38:46

Alice Springs and the world of Aboriginal art form the background to “Hot Rock Dreaming”, the second novel from Martin Roth starring private detective Johnny Ravine. Australia’s most famous Aboriginal painter is dead - supposedly killed when a heavy object tumbled...» Read More


Uluru climb - Garret comments

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2010-06-09 18:53:56

SUBJECTS: Commencement of the resale royalty scheme; CPRS; Uluru climb GARRETT: It is fantastic to be here in Alice Springs today to announce the delivery of significant support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture across a range of...» Read More


Australian Aboriginal Art and the contemporary gallery

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2010-03-20 14:00:25

Colin Laverty speaks on Beyond Sacred - Australian Aboriginal art and why it belongs in contemporary galleries + institutions and not ethnographic + anthropological museums. Colin and Elizabeth Laverty began collecting Aboriginal art twenty years ago, and their collection has been...» Read More


Interview with Warwick Thornton, writer/director of Samson & Delilah

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2009-05-16 22:37:37

Interview with Warwick Thornton, writer/director of Samson & Delilah: Few first-time feature filmmakers are greeted with the kind of accolades bestowed upon Australian director Warwick Thornton, whose triumphant Cannes-selected indigenous drama Samson & Delilah has prompted a gushing response from critics...» Read More


Blemishes mar a sumptuous history of Australian art

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2009-01-10 08:24:15

In 1886, there was a tussle for control over the future direction of Australian art. At its heart the dispute appeared simple, but it highlighted a deep division. A student of the School of Art in Melbourne, Alice Chapman, was...» Read More


Lifestyle Visit to aboriginal art exhibition

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-11-13 11:52:39

An excellent community newspaper, Pine Rivers Press, has a nice little article about a planned visit to the Namatijira to Now exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery. THE Friends Group of the Pine Rivers Regional Art Gallery in Strathpine is organising...» Read More


Australian Photographic Artist launches Nudes in Europe

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-07-19 09:21:35

Royalty, Television stars and Europe’s finest Art Critics gathered in Berlin, Germany to attend the unveiling of the latest exhibition by one of Australia’s leading contemporary Indigenous artists Wayne Quilliam. More than 150 people were welcomed by the Australian Ambassador...» Read More


Australian Country Style reader event at Murrurundi - Aboriginal Art in March

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2008-01-29 04:05:27

Australian Country Style reader event at Murrurundi - Aboriginal Art in March 29th March 2008 The term ‘aboriginal art’ is a tricky one. Separating indigenous Australian art from the religious practices and social customs with which it has been intertwined for at...» Read More


Wallabies lose precious painting

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2007-08-30 05:06:16

Quoted from the article: Aboriginal elders from Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory created the painting of a wallaby reaching for the sky to inspire the team before the last World Cup four years ago in Australia. The players were so impressed...» Read More


Shadows cast over Garma

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2007-08-07 08:14:28

Article in the Australian newspaper about the upcoming Garma festival that is being overshadowed by two controversies, the federal government intervention into Aboriginal communities and the Senate committee report into the sustainability of the Aboriginal art industry. Quoted from the article: This,...» Read More


A bigger and better bible

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2006-10-27 03:17:47

Faults aside, the new McCulloch's Encyclopedia of Australian Art is a mammoth achievement and a must-have for art buffs, writes Sebastian Smee From the Australian: Alan McCulloch began compiling his Encyclopedia of Australian Art as a loose-leaf filing system in the 1940s,...» Read More


The fortunes of Aboriginal art outside Australia: ethnographica or art?

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 2002-06-24 14:14:05

When Australians with even the most glancing interest in art meet overseas visitors, Aboriginal art is invariably a pressing topic. Tourists routinely buy Aboriginal work from all sorts of vendors, ranging from airport shops to Aboriginal-owned cooperatives. But many Australians...» Read More