July, 2006

Inspired by Injalak

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 21.07.06

Inspired by Injalak Prints based on the rock art of Injalak Hill, Arnhem Land 20th July 2006 - 13th August 2006 In 2005, indigenous artists from the Injalak Hill area in western Arnhem Land, focused strongly on this ancient Aboriginal...» Read More

Jock Mosquito

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 21.07.06

Jock Mosquito worked with Rover Thomas on ceremonial boards for the Kuril Kuril corroboree in the 1970s. Now having had a stroke, and at the age of 62, Jock is having his first West Australian solo exhibition. He has pared...» Read More

Evelyn Pultara

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 21.07.06

Evelyn Pultara won the General Painting prize at the 2005 NATSIAA Telstra Awards, with her strongly coloured paintings representing Yam Dreaming. This is Evelyn\'s second solo exhibition at Japingka Gallery, showing some large as well as a series of smaller...» Read More

Lofty Bardayal Nadjamerrek - late works

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 20.07.06

ANNANDALE GALLERIES first exhibited Lofty Bardayal Nadjamerrek in 2003. It was his first solo show after approximately 30 group exhibitions since 1975. Now, in 2006, we are pleased to announce another solo show of the great man’s work. Lofty’s career...» Read More