'DROMMETID' Aboriginal kunst fra Ebes Samling

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 21.06.07


Copenhagen, Denmark, 2006
Arken Museum of Modern Art
11th February to 13th August 2006

Over 120 selected works from Nangara formed the Danish exhibition: 'DRØMMETID' Aboriginal kunst fra Ebes Samling
(Dreamtime Aboriginal art from the Ebes Collection)

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I am trying to find an aboriginal art dealer in Copenhagen, but it seems that their web site has been hacked. http://www.australskkunst.dk
Would you possibly have email or telephone contact information, that would help me to find them?. I believe that at this exact time they are in Rauland, Telemark, Norway.

Many thanks
Neil Reeve

Posted by neil reeve | December 29, 2008 5:30 AM

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