Mabel Juli @ Mary Place, Sydney

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 10.11.07

Short St Gallery in association with Warmun Art presents, Mabel Juli solo at Mary Place Gallery in Paddington, Sydney, NSW. All welcome to attend. Opening on the 28th November 2007 @ 6 pm. Artists Statement - 3 days before leaving for her solo show @ Mary Place: I'm feeling pretty good. I like going to exhibitions, going to Sydney, feels good....I like painting; make me busy. It's good to do painting all the time; work every morning, every morning, every day. Sometimes Patrick (Mung Mung) and his wife (Betty Carrington) come painting, sometime Nancy (Nodea). Sometimes Nora (Nagarra) come for painting. Some people do painting in the community. Like old Madigan (Thomas). Sometimes Evelyn (Malgil). When he finish, he bring painting back. I'm always busy - finish work, the painting, go home. Go to council meeting, go to court (as an elder). I got to make money to get tucker for my grandchildren. I still think about Aunty (Queenie McKenzie, who taught her to paint). When I do paintings. She tell me about stories.

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