December, 2007

Sydney Morning Herald - Emily Kame Kngwarreye - Summer Awelye 2

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 20.12.07

Sydney Morning Herald Stroke of genius as unseen Emilys go on display Louise Schwartzkoff December 20, 2007 Quoted from the article: For 15 years, the Holt family kept a million-dollar painting by one of Australia's most successful Aboriginal artists rolled...» Read More

art at the heart - The Journey Begins

art at the heart - The Journey Begins

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 19.12.07

In October 2008, delegates will be streaming in to Alice Springs from around Australia and the world for the 6th Regional Arts Australia (RAA) conference art at the heart. The previous conference, held in Mackay, Queensland in October 2006, attracted...» Read More

Paintings From Remote Communities: Indigenous Australian Art from the Laverty Collection, Sydney

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 16.12.07

An extensive collection of Indigenous Australian art has been built over many years by Dr Colin and Elizabeth Laverty, through longstanding relationships with artists and advisers across several remote communities and with city gallerists. Today it is recognised as one...» Read More