and Aboriginal Art Collection Showcase Aboriginal Art and Artists and Aboriginal Art Collection Showcase Aboriginal Art and Artists

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 26.01.08

Gallery: Aboriginal Art Collection
Dates: 1-.-0.08 : 25.01.08
Location: 226 W. Superior St 3rd Floor, Chicago IL, 60610, United States

CHICAGO,IL. (January 18, 2008) - Women and art. The history is deeper than most
can ever imagine, particularly in Australia. The Aboriginal Art Collection Gallery and will host a special exhibition to showcase the amazing works of Indigenous Australian Aboriginal women artists on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. at the Aboriginal Art Collection gallery located at 226 W. Superior, 3rd floor, in Chicago’s Art District.

“The works of these women, after having experienced life on a much lower level than most, represent some of the most inspirational and breath-taking pieces you will ever see,” says Rena Pulido, co-owner of the Aboriginal Art Collection Gallery with her husband, Manuel Pulido. “Our goal is to recognize and showcase these women in a manner befitting their extraordinary talent.”

Aboriginal Art is created by Indigenous Australians with the majority of artists having had no formal art training. Aboriginal art pre-dates European colonization, as Aboriginal culture has a known 40,000 year history, and represents a large diversity of traditions and styles of the Indigenous Australians.

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Gallery: Aboriginal Art Collection

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