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Aboriginal Art Directory | 30.04.08

Author: Heidi Gibson
News source: The Cairns Post

Article in the Cairns post about the artist Norman Miller.

Quoted from the article:

Norman’s mission to serve, combined with his identity as a descendant of the Jirrbal, BarBarrum and Yidinji rainforest peoples of the Atherton Tableland, are reflected in his paintings.

“When I paint, I use the side of me that has the traditional name of Munganbana,” he says. “It means Mountain Water in Jirrbal. I paint personal journeys and the beauty and landscapes around me.”In lino prints, acrylic paintings and batik fabrics, Norman depicts aspects of family and home, plus a love of rivers, rainforests, seascapes and wildlife, “the geographical elements particular to my ancestral landscape”, he explains.

URL: http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2008/04/29/3461_lifestyle.html

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