Dreamtime logic helps save the planet

Dreamtime logic helps save the planet

Walangari Karntawarra

Aboriginal Art Directory | 28.05.08

“Dreamtime logic helps save the planet”, says internationally respected Australian Aboriginal artist, Walangari Karntawarra.

Walangari’s exciting work is included in the “Kick the Carbon Habit” exhibition launched by the Natural World Museum and United Nations Environment Programme at Te Papa on 4 June, World Environment Day.

Artist, musician and teacher, Walangari will play the yidarki (didgeridoo) at the exhibition’s opening ceremony and receive the “2008 Green Leaf Award” for artistic excellence in painting. Also at Te Papa on the following day, 5 June, Walangari will speak about the important relationship between Aboriginal culture, art and the environment.

Offsite, the Mark Hutchins Gallery, 216 Willis Street, Wellington will showcase a selection of Walangari’s spellbinding Western Desert paintings.

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