Introducing Australia's Premier Aboriginal Art Gallery to the World Wide Web

Aboriginal Art Directory | 24.05.08

Bundarra Gallery showcases contemporary and modern Aboriginal art from the finest indigenous artists of Australia. It houses a unique collection of paintings and artifacts displaying the best work of Australian Aboriginal Culture.

Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia (PRWEB) May 22, 2008 -- Bundarra Gallery announces the launch of its new website. The site features online previews of Bundarra Gallery's collection including online purchasing, showcases the portfolios of some of Australia's finest Aboriginal artists and provides forthcoming information on exhibitions and events. Tourist, clients and art investors who visit Bundarra Gallery in Queensland already know of the high reputation and quality of the work available for sale and now their fine collection of Aboriginal Australian art is available for viewing and for sale world wide.

Australian Aboriginal Art is the last great tradition of art to be appreciated by the world at large. Despite aboriginal art being one of the longest continuous traditions of art in the world, dating back at least fifty millennia, it remained relatively unknown until the second half of the twentieth century. Prehistoric aboriginal paintings, rock art and petriglyphs are found widely across the continent.

Not only beautiful and exquisitely painted and executed, aboriginal artworks hold significant spiritual and cultural importance ensuring both decorative and meaningful narrative. It is a unique expression of human spirit. Today's aboriginal art and aboriginal paintings are often contemporary in nature. Using traditional forms and motifs aboriginal artwork is distinctly modern art that often borders on abstract art.

About Bundarra Gallery
The owners and staff of Bundarra Gallery have been working closely with aboriginal artists for close to ten years and their relationship with them ensures works by high profile and upcoming artists are represented within the Art Gallery.

The gallery's collection of authentic aboriginal artwork is created by the hands of some of Australia's finest indigenous artists and includes paintings, pottery, weaving, didgeridoos, totem poles, carvings, jewellery and other decorative arts. All works are fully documented and works and artifacts that are purchased come with appropriate documentation, certifications and information.

Visitors can find us at 31 Macrossan Street from 10am to 8pm daily, or view and purchase online at

Bundarra Gallery is committed to promoting aboriginal artwork of our indigenous artists and for creating opportunities for a wider understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal art and culture. Forging a link across Cultural Boundaries

Contact Details:
Bundarra Gallery
31 Macrossan Street
Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia
Phone: +61 7 4099 5611 Fax +61 7 4099 5636
Email (art @

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Contact Details

Gallery: Bundarra Gallery
Telephone: +61 7 4099 5611
Address: Gallery 1-2, 31 Macrossan Street Port Douglas Port Douglas 4877 QLD



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Gallery: Bundarra Gallery

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