White Knight

Aboriginal Art Directory | 24.05.08

Author: Martin Flanagan
News source: The Age

Martin Flanagan looks at Beverley Knight, owner of Alcaston Gallery and direct of the Essendon Football Club.

Quoted from the article:

Knight connected with Aboriginal art in the 1980s after she decided to decorate two Melbourne restaurants she and her husband Anthony owned with Central Australian art. This put her in contact with Aboriginal artists. She's careful to point out the idea of opening a Melbourne gallery dealing in Aboriginal art was put to her by the artists and an organisation working on their behalf in Alice Springs. "They found me," she says. She'd always been "a commercially oriented person" and, in 1989, she added a gallery to her restaurants.

URL: http://www.realfooty.com.au/news/news/white-knight/2008/05/23/1211183111361.html?page=2

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Contact Details

Gallery: Alcaston Gallery
Contact: Beverly Knight
Email: art@alcastongallery.com.au
Telephone: +61 3 9418 6444
Address: 11 Brunswick Street Fitzroy Melbourne 3065 VIC



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