Yilpinji Portfolio Edition

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 25.06.08

Gallery: Aboriginal Art Prints

This is the first time in the history of Australian printmaking that a portfolio of limited edition prints has become available that focus on a unique aspect of Aboriginal culture.

Fifteen senior Aboriginal artists have each created a thematic work on Yilpinji, the love magic practiced by the Warlpiri and Kukatja people of the central and western deserts of Australia.

This little known aspect of Aboriginal culture is explored in this important portfolio of fifteen etchings, screenprints and linocuts.

These limited edition prints by Old Masters from the predominantly Kukatja settlement of Wirrimanu (Balgo Hills) in Western Australia as well as from Yuendumu and Lajamanu, Warlpiri settlements in the Northern Territory, have come about as a result of a unique cross-cultural collaboration. It has involved indigenous artists, remote art centre staff and community organisations, a fine art print publishing house, a number of anthropologists who have specialist knowledge of these cultural groups and two highly respected non-indigenous printmakers.

URL: http://www.aboriginalartprints.com.au/yilpinji_portfolio.cfm#prints

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