50,000 Years New, Aboriginal Art Curated by Ron Acker

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 09.09.08

Dates: 19.09.08 : 13.10.08
Location: Workhouse Building 6, Studio #610.

Exhibition Opening: 50,000 Years New, Aboriginal Art Curated by Ron Acker

Some of the most extraordinary art in the world today is being created by Aboriginal men and women in remote communities throughout Australia. Aboriginal art is often described as radical, contemporary, beautiful and alive. This exhibition will showcase paintings, sculpture and glasswork from the indigenous communities of Western & Central Australia. Visitors to the Workhouse can meet Ron Acker to learn more about aboriginal art and view and purchase from his extensive collection in his permanent gallery, Gallery Sydney-East, which will be located in Workhouse Building 6, Studio #610.

Learn more about Gallery Sydney-East at www.sydney-east.com

URL: http://www.workhousearts.org/events/exhibition-opening-50,000-years-new,-aboriginal-art-curated-by-ron-acker/

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This exciting new gallery is of course in Virginia USA and not Australia!

Posted by jeremy eccles | September 16, 2008 5:53 PM

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