Wupa @ Wanaruah

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 11.09.08

Dates: 27.09.08 : 28.09.08
Location: Nightingale Winery Milrodale Rd, Broke NSW

Wupa @ Wanaruah - “WUPA” is an Aboriginal word of the Wanaurah People of the Upper Hunter Singleton area. The word means ‘to make or to paint’, which is a fitting name for an Art Exhibition by two local Wanaurah Artists, Denise Hedges & Les Elvin, both of whom tell the stories of their people and their culture through the use of traditional symbolism and colours. The main purpose of the Art Exhibition is to provide the people of the Hunter and surrounding areas with an insight and education into the rich and vibrant culture of the Local Aboriginal people by sharing their stories as depicted in their Art.

The Indigenous Art Exhibition ‘Wupa@Wanaruah’ will be held on the weekend of 27th & 28th September 2008 at Nightingale Winery at Broke NSW. For more information, please contact us at Ungooroo Aboriginal Corporation on 02 6571 5111.

Artists Featured
Les Elvin (Wanaruah man and NAIDOC artist of the year 2008),Denise Hedges (Wanaruah woman)

URL: http://www.aboriginalartdirectory.com/resources/aboriginal-organisation/ungooroo-aboriginal-corporation.php

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