Town Camps and Mission Blankets

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 11.11.08

Gallery: Japingka Gallery
Dates: 14.11.08 : 18.01.09

In association with Tangentyere Artists, Japingka Gallery presents the paintings and stories of Indigenous artists from the Alice Springs Town Camps. This exhibition of small paintings includes images of daily life in the homes and yards of the artists and their families. Also recorded are the memories of past times, including life on the mission settlements, where activities involved sewing together squares of discarded fabric into makeshift blankets.

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Contact Details

Gallery: Japingka Gallery
Contact: Ian Plunkett
Telephone: +61 8 9335 8265
Address: 47 High Street Fremantle Fremantle 6160 WA

Gallery: Tangentyere Artists
Contact: Joanna Byrne
Telephone: +61 8 8951 4242
Address: 16 Fogarty Street Alice Springs 0871 NT



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Gallery: Japingka Gallery

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