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Aboriginal Art Directory | 31.03.09

An update from Will Owen:

No essay this week, I confess, as I've happily spent the last seven days entertaining my friend Walter, down from Boston for a springtime visit, our first since we saw each other at the opening of Dreaming Their Way in Dartmouth two and a half years ago. Our week ended with an invitation for me to give a talk on Aboriginal art in nearby Siler City, North Carolina, a rural community with a thriving arts district. The NC Arts Incubator sponsored a didjeridu-making workshop Friday afternoon, followed by my talk to a group of about 20 Australophiles. The workshoppers gave me an impromptu "welcome to country" serenade! Great fun for all. So instead of writing this weekend, I'll take this opportunity to catch up on a few short notes that have been washing about the shores of my desktop.

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