The Artery's 'Yaruman Collection' acquired by IFC Washington DC, USA.

Aboriginal Art Directory | 25.03.09

Author: Alesha Glennon

We are very proud to announce that a collection of paintings we commissioned from the tiny Community of Ringer Soak, east of The Kimberly in Western Australia, has been acquired by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) a member of the World Bank Group based in Washington DC, USA.

The IFC have a Contemporary Art Collection and the goal of the Collection is to present artworks that reflect the diversity of cultures and communities of IFC's member countries one of which is Australia.

"Art is one of the deepest and most poignant expressions of the human condition. It reflects a community's history, values, beliefs and aspirations. IFC's Contemporary Art Collection reflects its vision to create opportunity for people to escape poverty and improve their lives. The collection includes artworks from developing countries and underserved regions throughout the world" says Susanne Vallazza, the IFC's Contemporary Art Collection representative.

The Yaruman Collection was commissioned by The Artery and is comprised of 40 paintings by artists of varying ages - the concept was to record a "snapshot in time" of the art and culture of a remote Aboriginal Community and to capture in illustrated form, traditional stories being passed from one generation to another.


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