Mawukura (Mulgra) Jimmy Nerrimah

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Gallery: Brigitte Braun Gallery
Dates: 02.05.09 : 23.05.09

Jila Ngurrara (Waterhole Country) 2 – 23 May 2009

Mulgra Jimmy Nerrimah is a highly respected Walmajarri elder and medicine
man. His country is around Wayampajarti a Jila (permanent waterhole) in the
North Western area of the Great Sandy Desert. He was born ca 1924 near a
waterhole called Wili, at a swamp called Miyitinynanguwu. He left the bush
possibly in the early sixties and spent most of his time working on Nerrimah
Station as a stockman.

Mulgra has been making artefacts since he was a child but only started
painting in the early 1990s. His paintings are maps based on the deep
knowledge of his county and the location of waterholes. They have a dazzling
and vibrant energy no camera can capture. This is an exhibition that needs to
be seen in the flesh.

Jila Ngurrara is Mulgra’s 7th solo exhibition with Brigitte Braun who has
represented him since 1993. His work is held in major public collections
including the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria and Art
Gallery of Western Australia and is highly sought after by both Australian and
international collectors.

The exhibition Jila Ngurrara (Waterhole Country) opens on Saturday 2
May from 3 – 5pm and runs until 23 May at Brigitte Braun Gallery 4
White Street Windsor. Gallery hours are Wednesday – Saturday 1-4pm
and by appointment The exhibition can also be seen on

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Gallery: Brigitte Braun Gallery
Contact: Brigitte Braun
Telephone: +61 3 9521 1517
Address: 20 McIlwrick Street Windsor Melbourne 3181 VIC

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Contact: Brigitte Braun
Telephone: +61 3 9521 1517
Address: 15 Atkinson Close Windsor Melbourne 3181 VIC



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