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Aboriginal Art Directory | 16.05.09

As a Sydney, Australia based art market analyst and art consultant I am sure you would not be surprised to hear that I have a particular interest in Australian art and the Australian art market. Having spent the last couple of years writing the highly successful Art Market Blog ( which caters to an international audience, I recently came to the conclusion that the Australian market was in need of something similar. During the last twelve months I have sensed that there is an increasing need for an independent, no holds barred analysis of the Australian art market that deals with the unique issues facing buyers and sellers of Australian art. Issues such as the resale royalty, fake aboriginal art, the Ronald Coles scandal and the transparency of auction house dealings have all made headlines in recent months and are all issues that I believe deserve to be analysed more thoroughly than they have been. Another reason I wanted to start this blog is because I believe that there is not enough being done to promote Australian art to the international market.

The creativity and ingenuity being shown by many contemporary Australian artists never fails to get me excited so I am looking forward to being able to share my excitement with the rest of Australia and the world. Although the Australian Art Market is a relatively small and isolated market there has been significant growth over the last ten years which has resulted in a much greater interest in the art market and art as an investment. However, as many of the people who trusted Ronald Coles with their money have found out - successful art investment is not as easy as it may seem. Because the art market can be extremely daunting for the uninitiated (and also for experienced participants) I hope to be able to provide a resource that will give people the information and advice that they need to approach the art market with confidence.

I am extremely excited about the Australian Art Market Blog and am looking forward to tackling some of the big issues facing those involved in the Australian art market. Regular posting will start in a few days time but in the mean time if you would like to me any tips, questions, suggestions or information please feel free to contact me on the details below:

Phone: 0422699730


Nicholas Forrest
PO BOX 2051
Westfield Hornsby
NSW 1635

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