Ochre Dreaming: Stories from the East Kimberley

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 11.06.09

Gallery: ReDot Fine Art Gallery
Dates: 20.05.09 : 27.06.09
Location: 11 Everton Road, Singapore 089367

The ReDot gallery is proud to welcome back the natural ochre artworks of the famous Warmun Art Centre. After a very successful 1st exhibition in June 2008, the unique canvases of this Kimberley community will again be gracing
the walls of the Gallery as we reignite interest in the lands surrounding Turkey Creek in the East Kimberley's, far Northeast of Western Australia.

Warmun, home to leading indigenous artists Rover Thomas, Queenie McKenzie, Hector Jandany and Jack Britten, has long been recognized as a 'trend setter' in the bustling world of modern Aboriginal art. The art centre, established in 1998, has quickly become a "must see" stop on any outback journey.

The dream of the older artists, particularly Queenie and Hector, was to open an art centre at Warmun to provide greater opportunities for the development of younger Gija artists, as well as opportunities to communicate their
culture to tourists in the region.

The subsequent years have seen this dream become a reality by the active pursuit of this goal by senior artists such as Lena Nyadbi, Patrick Mung Mung, Shirley Purdie, Jock Mosquito, Madigan Thomas, Gordon Barney, Mick
Jawalji, Churchill Cann, Betty Carrington and Mabel herself! ALL now feature in major collections of indigenous artworks around the world and Lena adorns the walls of the breathtaking Musee du Quai Branly in Paris.

These senior artists have studiously been passing on to the current generation of artists many of the traditional stories and painting techniques of the Ngarrangkarni (Dreaming) and this show will showcase the works of these senior artists alongside works of new emerging artists such as Roseleen Park, Lorraine Daylight, Roberta Daylight, Gabriel Nodea, Benita Everett, Letoya Evans. Just a few of the group of more than sixty emerging and younger artists currently painting for the art centre.

URL: http://www.redotgallery.com/

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Contact Details

Gallery: ReDot Fine Art Gallery
Contact: Giorgio Pilla
Email: info@redotgallery.com
Telephone: +65 6222 1039
Address: 33 Everton Road Singapore Singapore 089388

Gallery: Warmun Art Centre
Email: gallery@warmunart.com.au
Telephone: +61 8 9168 7496
Address: Great Northern Highway via Kununurra via Kununurra 6743 WA



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