July, 2009

Desart Artists Camps

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 31.07.09

Desart has recently held artists’ camps at Ikuntji and Blackstone. At both camps artists met to talk about current events and issues facing Art Centres, artists and their families in this time of the Global Financial Crisis. Desart’s Executive Officer...» Read More

Desart Strategic Planning Meeting

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 31.07.09

The Desart Executive met in Alice Springs on 10 June 2009 for a strategic planning session. It was the second meeting held under the leadership of the new Chairman, Mr Sammy Lyons from Angatja in the PY Lands. With the...» Read More

The Creation of Indigenous Collections in Melbourne: How Kenneth Clark, Charles Mountford, and Leonhard Adam Interrogated Australian Indigeneity

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 31.07.09

My paper will explore three personalities, Kenneth Clark, Charles Mountford and Leonard Adam, and the impact they had on the creation and exhibition of collections of indigenous objects in Australia. Kenneth Clark visited Australia briefly in 1948 and left a...» Read More

UK Move On Aboriginal Art

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 31.07.09

Negotiations between Australia and UK could soon re-start in a battle over the return of valuable Aboriginal artworks, writes Nick Gibson. The Dja Dja Wurrung tribe are seeking the return of a pair of Aboriginal bark paintings - insured for...» Read More

Rumours got my artists rejected: dealer

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 30.07.09

Mr Ioannou, the private dealer at the centre of last year's bitter split in the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, yesterday accused award organisers of discriminating against his clients. He said a "vicious whispering campaign" was...» Read More