Di West - Murmurs and memories realised in Di's artwork

Aboriginal Art Directory | 10.07.09

Di admits that she loves Aboriginal art and believes it is not appreciated enough.

“Aboriginal art is so beautiful, underestimated and undervalued and the lovely thing about their work is that they don't know who Picasso is or who Van Gogh is, so they make art from their heart and their reaction to their surroundings,” Di said. “It is so amazing.”

While Di's family is in awe of her work, there is one thing Di dislikes about art.

“Most artists love drawing but I just can't stand it,” she said. “I just want to paint and do the work. If someone else could draw it for me, that would be fantastic, but then I would miss that whole experience.”

And her advice for up-and-coming artists?

“Look at as much art as you can, buy art and art books but only look at the pictures. Never read the words. You just don't need other people's opinions. You just need to create your own opinion,” Di said with a smile.

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