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Aboriginal Art Directory | 06.07.09

A unique vehicle, which has spent the past few years spreading the message on indigenous culture, is undergoing an amazing transformation.

But the stunning artwork, which makes the message stick unique, will not be touched.

The ex army Landrover ambulance is owned by Coolum couple Michael Butler and Samantha Martin – the team behind Sacred Oz Production.

It was first built for the Second World War, but received a new lease on life when the pair began using it to promote their indigenous productions.

Its unique artwork – fashioned by more than 200 Aboriginal artists – has attracted publicity worldwide.

The project includes contributions by Nelson Mandela, Gough Whitlam, Jack Thompson and Evonne Goolagong Cawley, while the most recent additions are the handprints of swimming legend Ian Thorpe.

“The wonderful thing about the message stick is that it is ongoing... artists from all around Australia will continue to apply artwork in the areas available,” Michael said.

“It is looked at as a moving art gallery, which highlights the diversity of Aboriginal art from different tribes around Australia from Arnh


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