September, 2009

Walangari Karntawarra

Walangari Karntawarra "Colours of the Rainbow Serpents"

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 19.09.09

To my people, colour and spirituality are intertwined, and colour gives meaning to the everyday aspects of our traditional lives, like gathering food and medicines and forecasting the weather. When our Creators, the male and female Rainbow Serpents first emerged...» Read More

Dunkeld Open Galleries and Gardens, Nerissa Major's Art Studio

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 18.09.09

Some Local Koori Stories 2.30pm Cost $3 per person Also Available a Large range of Unique Affordable Local Aboriginal Artworks (Traditional, Dot, Modern, Contemporary, Abstract, Landscape and Sculpture), Emu Egg and Wood Art, Handmade Gifts and Gemstone Jewellery. All created...» Read More

Discovery of new genius Desert Artist: Lena Pwerle

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 13.09.09

Yesterday Tim Jennings, the general manager of Mbantua Gallery and Cultural Museum in Alice Springs announced what he termed as "yet another artist genius from Utopia'. “The Soakages exhibition we have on display is a milestone for Australian art. The...» Read More

Coast and country

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 13.09.09

The inaugural three-day Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair has been a festival of peace, love and understanding so far, but the Ariw Poenipan dancers from Saibai Island are dressed for war. When they take to the open-air stage at the Tanks...» Read More