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Gallery: Tjala Aboriginal Art
Dates: 14.01.10 : 13.02.10
Location: CLUB21 GALLERY - Four Seasons Singapore, Linkbridge - SINGAPORE

Club 21 and tjala Aboriginal Art are proud to bring, for the first time, to Singapore, an exhibition of evocative and outstanding aboriginal art work from the artists of Bulgul, a remote area 200km Southwest of Darwin, in Australia’s stark Northern Territories.

Rak Bulgul Tjaraku-Butung, which translates to “Bulgul The Healing Place” showcases the artworks of seven artists who represent a spectrum of diverse influences, yet find common ground, united by the spirituality and tradition that are always present in their artistic visions.
Founder-curator of tjala Aboriginal Art, Michael Chandler, says, “The artists we have chosen for this first Bulgul public exhibition here have been well received by collectors and for good reason – their works may speak of specific aboriginal beliefs and traditions, but their message connects with the larger, urban and modern world, touching on poignant messages of humanity that resonate anywhere, in any language.”

Rak Bulgul Tjaraku-Butung will showcase, from 14 January – 13 February 2010 at the Four Seasons Singapore Linkbridge, an intimate exhibition space adjacent to the Club 21 Gallery.
Artists whose works the public can view include Maida Stewart-Amukun, an aboriginal health worker who, amazingly, started painting only in 2007. A finalist in the 25th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, Stewart-Amukun paints subjects like the rag-burning ceremony, a ritual conducted to link the family and someone who has passed on. Visual stories like these interest her because they will be the legacy that her son will come to inherit as part of his people. Other artists include Rosemary Morgan and her sisters Agatha Morgan and Marjorie Morgan – whose works intertwine their strong convictions in both their traditional aboriginal stories and their own Christian faith; young artist Kerry McCarthy whose works are inspired by the emotional bonds she has with her elders; Gary Deveraux whose delicate paintings of traditional body paintings represent a departure from many male artists’ works; and Deveraux’s wife, Kitty Storer whose works and observations on feminine details like beads worn in dances, provide an intriguing counterpoint to Deveraux’s own creations.
Christopher Cheong, Creative Director of Club 21 and initiator of this project affirms and shares his conviction for this exhibition, “We’re proud to be able to bring artists Maida Stewart-Amukun and Rosemary Morgan to open the exhibition with us – in person, beyond presenting their works. Club 21 is consistently about presenting an aesthetic that speaks beyond the surface and this deeply engaging exhibition is another way for us to showcase such opportunities to our customers.”

Rak Bulgul Tjaraku-Butung opens 14 January to 13 February 2010 at the Four Seasons Singapore, Linkbridge. Admission is free to the public.

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Gallery: Tjala Aboriginal Art
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