Margaret Kemarre Turner Interview Part 2

Aboriginal Art Directory | 24.04.10

Author: Dave Richards
News source: Alice Online

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”We grew up in that feeling of land. Our trees and hills and creeks are really important to us, you know. Never in our lives would people move anything. If they went hunting they wouldn’t move anything. If they ate anything it would always be buried, if they cooked anything fireplace got to be buried. If we find any bush tucker or grind some seeds, all those stones have go to be buried so the next lot of people can pick up those stones …”

In the second part of an interview with Alice Online, Margaret Kemarre Turner, author of the new book, Iwenhe Tyerrtye (What it means to be an Aboriginal person), talks about growing up at Spotted Tiger in Central Australia’s Harts Range and then moving to a mission Arltunga where she adopted the Catholic faith she still holds … just as she does the traditions she learned from her mother and father.


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