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Aboriginal Art Directory | 22.04.10

Tangentyere Artists is an Australian Aboriginal Art Centre, owned and directed by Tangentyere Council. The enterprise represents artists from the 18 Alice Springs town camp communities who produce acrylic paintings and local seed jewellery. A defining feature of this product is stylistic diversity. The variety is largely due to the cultural breadth of the Town Camp population, which encompasses over 20 cultural contexts from Central Australia. Tangentyere Artists is strongly committed to improving social justice and supporting the cultural heritage of Town Camp residents through its art and marketing services.

Anwernekenhe Ayeye The Story Belonging to Us

The beautiful song played on this film is Petrol Wanti written and performed by Stewart Gaykamangu from the CD -UPK#4 Ulkiay produced by Nganampa Health Council as part of a collaborative ongoing music project by APY musicians.

Copyright 2007 Nganampa Health Council

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnjWN-oRiHA

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Gallery: Tangentyere Artists
Contact: Joanna Byrne
Email: joanna.byrne@tangentyere.org.au
Telephone: +61 8 8951 4242
Address: 16 Fogarty Street Alice Springs 0871 NT



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Gallery: Tangentyere Artists

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