Indigenous art manager defends his job

Aboriginal Art Directory | 24.05.10

The manager of the Indigenous art cooperative Papunya Tula Artists says his position is not, and never was, under threat.

Paul Sweeney says he has the support of the "vast majority" of the company's artists, shareholders and board.

The private art dealer Chris Simon told the ABC last week that Papunya Tula needed new leadership and a meeting of shareholders would be held in Kintore.

But Mr Sweeney says the meeting did not happen because nobody is unhappy with his work.

"We held a board meeting out at Kiwirrkurra a week ago on Sunday and at that board meeting the director spoke very strongly about what's been going on," he said.

"They made it in very clear and in no uncertain terms that they did not want any change whatsoever."

He says he hopes speculation about a takeover will die down.

"I'm employed there to manage the business," he said.

"Things are going very, very well and the place is in a very strong position at the moment."


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Gallery: Papunya Tula Artists Pty Ltd

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