Looking Back at Country - Retrospective Exhibition, Series 1

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 09.05.10

Gallery: Alcaston Gallery

Opening Event: Wednesday 19th May 2010,
6 - 8pm

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday 18th May –Saturday 19th June 2010

From Alcaston Gallery:

Martin Tjampitjinpa (born c. 1965 – d. 2007) His irresistible paintings explore his heritage, inheritance and also the respect that he bestowed on Papunya Tula Artists. In his short life he left a small but enduring legacy for his Pintupi family, and extended family.

Billy Benn Perrurle (born c. 1930 - ) Now quietly enjoying retirement, he set the art world on fire nearly 20 years ago when he dabbled in acrylic paint on scrap timber. Often compared to his idol, Albert Namatjira, his dreamy landscapes stunningly engage the viewer, and like Namatjira, his paintings will endure the test of time for all collectors.

Makinti Napanangka (born c. 1930 - ) An artist of international repute, whose outpouring of creative energy celebrates colour and form. Napanangka began painting in 1994, and then continuously from 1996 for Papunya Tula Artists. A hunter and gatherer, a magician with a brush and acrylic paint, Makinti Napanangka’s joyous and luscious canvases share with us the travels of ancestral women of her Pintupi family and Nyimparra (hair belts) worn during ceremonies of certain sites.

URL: http://www.alcastongallery.com.au/exhibitions/upcoming.cfm?id=141

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Contact Details

Gallery: Alcaston Gallery
Contact: Beverly Knight
Email: art@alcastongallery.com.au
Telephone: +61 3 9418 6444
Address: 11 Brunswick Street Fitzroy Melbourne 3065 VIC



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