"Parisian perspectives on Australian Art", an article by Rosemary Willink

Aboriginal Art Directory | 01.05.10

An important question facing European galleries today is: how to exhibit contemporary indigenous works, whose inspiration is not founded on the western tradition, and present these works to a European audience. Australian art is visible in France both in museums (Musée du quai Branly in Paris, Musée des Confluences in Lyon) as well as in the small number of galleries that are dedicated to promoting it. Trilogie Australienne, current exhibition at 6,Mandel, provides a unique meeting place for Australian and European culture through the collection’s aesthetic and universal appeal. Displayed over 4 levels of the gallery, the works of three Australian artists, hand-picked by specialist, Stephane Jacob, are exhibited against the modern and spacious interior that is 6,Mandel. Dedicated to art, the art of gardening and entertaining, the space provides a serene and unobtrusive setting for the wide spectrum of pieces on display. The myriad of works chosen, including wood sculptures, prints, etches and paintings, invite the viewer into the world of contemporary Australian art and its evolution.

Each artist is identified by region, their artistic development and creative process, and these three elements can be clearly identified within their works. Utopian artist (Northern Territory), Abie loy Kemarre draws on her spiritual belief and deep connection with the land, creating abstract compositions, inspired by dreams. In contrast with the former, Dennis Nona, renown Torres-Strait artist, draws his inspiration from the sea and its mythology, constantly exploring the relationship between man and his culture. Completing the ensemble of Australian artists is G.W.Bot, whose work offers an intriguing edge to Australian Aboriginal art, transcending the traditional boundaries of the term. She continues to explore the art of printmaking in all its forms whilst remaining deeply connected to her territory (Canberra and its surroundings) and aboriginal totem, the wombat. Unlike her colleagues, G.W.Bot does not belong to an artistic collective, however, her compositions are deeply inspired by the aboriginal tradition and assume a dream-like quality.

The success of, Trilogie Australienne lies in the unique impression and international appeal of the collection, accompanied by information concerning each works’ evolution and symbolic meaning, without detracting from the visual experience. One must give credit to Art d’Australie, for their attention regarding this detail, often neglected by commercial galleries, and more disappointingly, by our museums. For those of you who wish to know more about the artists and Australian art in general, one can browse the supporting material at leisure and in comfort at the conclusion of the visit.

Through presenting Trilogie Australienne, Arts d’Australie confronts the common and often mis-leading definition of contemporary Australian art and offers a broader perspective, encompassing the wealth and diversity of works created by Australian artists today. For a fresh approach to presentation, the opportunity to experience a unique collection of Australian art, and not forgetting, the overall gallery experience, Trilogie Australienne is not to be missed.

“Trilogie Australienne”
De 11 mars à 15 mai 2010
Le 6,Mandel - 6 avenue Georges Mandel
75016 Paris

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