Judy Holding "The Unshaped Landscape"

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 14.06.10

Gallery: Framed. The Darwin Gallery
Dates: 11.06.10 : 04.07.10

"For the past thirty-five years Judy Holding has been a regular visitor to the Northern Territory escarpment near Cannon Hill. In this visually spare landscape, so rich and crowded with sensations and accumulated knowledge, Holding imagines a world of reciprocity and interconnectedness.

She has developed a sensual language of symbols to convey the energy of place that exists within the Australian landscape. Working across various media, Holding’s watercolour drawing and collage, lino-cut printed artist books and cut-out sculptures describe the imaginative life of the landscape itself."

Martina Copley

URL: http://www.framed.com.au/art/newExhibits/JudyHolding.html

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Gallery: Framed. The Darwin Gallery



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Gallery: Framed. The Darwin Gallery

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