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Aboriginal Art Directory | 02.08.10

Will Owen commenting on Nicholas Rothwell's article on the state of the Indigenous Art market:

I understand that if you collect antique cars as an investment, you shouldn’t be driving them, or if you buy vintage wines, you can’t very well drink them. And perhaps I’m just being naive here in thinking that anyone who wants to buy art as an investment would also want to look at it for some aesthetic pleasure as well, and not merely to see whether it’s mouldering or foxing or being invaded by borers.

Or am I missing the point here–does the stipulation refer to the acquisition of art, not by individuals, but by corporate fund managers? I’m easily confused by regulations I’m subject to here in America, so I may be totally in the wrong about Australian opportunities. If so, please correct me.

But at least I can take some (very) small comfort in knowing that I’m certainly not the only one who’s been ended up in a state of confusion after the events of the past two weeks. It might be time to take a deep breath and try for calm. But no, less than two weeks hence the 27th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards will be on us and I’m sure that Darwin will be swirling with speculation once again. Too bad I’ll be stuck here in the States and missing it all.


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