Boomalli bounces back in the cultural renaissance

Aboriginal Art Directory | 05.09.10

Author: Michaela Boland
News source: The Australian

Excerpt from the article

A NSW Aboriginal artists co-op is blossoming after a near-death experience

Indigenous art is the darling of the contemporary art world. In recent decades the sector has grown to be worth an estimated $500 million a year with Aboriginal artists, mostly desert-based, producing stunning dot canvases that impress collectors from Sydney to Paris, New York to Tokyo.

But before this particular boom there was Boomalli, the NSW Aboriginal artists' co-op that is looking forward to celebrating its 25th birthday in 2012. It's a milestone that looked as if it might not happen because the not-for-profit group came close to extinction last year. That's a demise one of its founders believes would have spelled the end of recognised indigenous urban art in the state...


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Gallery: Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative
Telephone: +61 2 9560 2541
Address: 55-59 Flood Street Leichhardt Leichhardt 2040 NSW



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Gallery: Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative

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