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Aboriginal Art Directory | 22.10.10

Author: Jeremy Hart
News source: Wired

A thousand miles from any ocean, Alice Springs is the biggest outpost in the Outback. It is a major hub for Aboriginal or indigenous artists who travel from their desert communities to sell their works. Aboriginal art took millennia to make the jump from cave to canvas and now it extends to our cars.

“When Aboriginal artists started to experiment with canvas and other media, it opened things up,” said Kit Ballan, owner of Alice Springs artists’ workshop and gallery BPG. “You’d go out to communities and see old bits of car with painting on.”

Damien Marks Tjangala is an artist from a community southwest of Alice. He remembers being allowed by his grandfather to not only paint bits of old car but his grandfather’s entire car.

“I don’t know where it is now,” he says, hunched over the bonnet of our green Ford Fiesta creating his latest piece of automobile art before we make the final sprint for Sydney. He likes the medium he’s working with.

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