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Author: Jeremy Eccles

In a statement from Short Street Gallery in Broome, which represented the Yulparija artists of Bidyadanga, Emily Rohr has said:

"It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to the formidable, Weaver Jack, who passed away on 6th October 2010. She was an extremely talented artist, a very senior and important law woman, a grandmother, great grandmother and extraordinary friend.

Her wisdom and graciousness remains with all of us who knew and loved her. We grieve the passing of such a great woman and remain eternally grateful that our lives have been touched and enriched by her generosity, talent and intelligence. The funeral will be held at the Catholic Church in Bidyadanga on 30th October 2010."

If anyone would like to send their condolences to the family please forward them to

In Beyond Sacred, the book of the Laverty Collection, Rohr backgrounded the great artist:
For Weaver Jack (born in 1928), the experience of migration (from the Great Sandy Desert to the Kimberley coast) resulted in complex and sophisticated paintings that continually surprise and disturb the viewer. Her work captures a momentary glance at the immediate landscape yet is suggestive of a world beyond the confines of the canvas. From her depictions of the desert country comes a sense of space that captures the essence of the location.

Weaver's work has a unique rhythm by which the contrast of light and dark is able to dance across the canvas as a visual representation of traditional song. There is a spontaneity about her work that allows the vibrant colours to collide, creating a dramatic energy. She has become a true master of her palette as she challenges traditional Western notions of colour to produce a fresh and unique representation of culturally significant sites and mythology.


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