Indigenous Photographer named in Great Moments in BlackHistory

Indigenous Photographer named in Great Moments in BlackHistory

Wadeye by Aboriginal Photographer Wayne Quilliam

Aboriginal Art Directory | 27.07.11

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GREAT MOMENTS IN BLAKISTORY 27 July 2011 - Wayne Quilliam

27 July 2011

Wayne Quilliam

Adjunct Professor Wayne Quilliam, a Palawa man from Tasmania, is one of
Australia¹s leading photographers. He has more than 1000 publications in
books and magazines worldwide and has curated and exhibited more than 100
solo exhibitions in Australia, Germany, Mexico, USA, France, Italy, Spain,
Austria, China and Indonesia.

Wayne was the 2009 NAIDOC Artist of the Year, he won the 2008 Human Rights
Award for Print Media in partnership with Koori Mail for their work on the
2008 Apology and was a finalist in the prestigious Walkely Awards for his
coverage of the Redfern Riots. In 2011 Wayne was appointed as an Adjunct
Professor at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, in accepting his
position he said he ³unreservedly commits to sharing my knowledge,
experience and cultural expertise to challenge and confront the tired
notions inherent in the representation of Indigenous Australia.²

Wayne is a familiar sight at all major Indigenous festivals and events, you
can catch him snapping photographs across the country in remote, regional
and metropolitan areas. Most people would be familiar with his recent
exhibitions, Ngarpin¹ or Sorry.more than a word¹ and Lowanna¹. Wayne¹s
images speak the stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
and country. His work is truth.

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Indigenous Photographer named in Great Moments in BlackHistory

Laura by Indigenous Photographer Wayne Quilliam

Indigenous Photographer named in Great Moments in BlackHistory

Dance by Aboriginal Artist Wayne Quilliam


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