Quilliam's Blood, Bone, Ascension

Quilliam's Blood, Bone, Ascension

Wayne Quilliam is also known as Marlipiniyi Milawini ‘The Painter of Light’ (© Wayne Quilliam)

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 03.10.18

Location: The Mining Exchange, 12 Lydiard Street North Ballarat Central, VIC, 3350

The work of award-winning photographer, Wayne Quilliam, is currently on show at The Mining Exchange in Ballarat.

Quilliam, whose photographs are featured in the Aboriginal Art Directory's social media, is now presenting a more stylised output, describing it himself as, "spiritualised creations, fueled by my cultural connection to the land".

He has worked with Indigenous groups across the globe and curated more than 280 exhibitions across Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and South America over the past 30 years.

In November 2018, Quilliam will be collaborating with his younger brother in a joint exhibition in Tasmania.

Blood, Bone, Ascension: The Art of Wayne Quilliam is presented by the Biennale of Australian Artists - which, we're delighted to see, also includes the (somewhat underrated but) ever beautiful work of the Numina sisters.

URL: http://www.waynequilliam.photography

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Quilliam's Blood, Bone, Ascension

The spiritualised, ideological creations are the embodiment of Wayne’s cultural connection to the land that fuels his passion of artistic discovery (© Wayne Quilliam)

Quilliam's Blood, Bone, Ascension

A 'mythical representation' (© Wayne Quilliam)


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