Cornelia Tipuamantumirri's offering from Manupi Arts for the Arts Law auction

Posted by Jeremy Eccles | 25.08.14

Dates: 03.09.14 : 11.09.14

With what looks like an unfortunate coincidence of timing, two worthy Indigenous charities are holding art auctions within days of each other.

Arts Law is first cab off the rank, celebrating its 30th anniversary of advice specifically tailored for artists of all sorts on 3rd September with an event at the NSW Parliament House, raising funds for its important Artists in the Black program. This sends lawyers out bush to assist Aboriginal artists draw up wills so that their families have a clear idea of who will benefit from the estate when the artist dies. Without a will, the Public Trustee may take matters over and do as it foolishly did in 1959 with the Namatjira Estate – sell it off to an outside entity for a pittance.

Artists on offer in the auction – which is already online – include Ronnie Tjanpitjinpa, Cornelia Tipuamantumirri, Roy Underwood, Tjunkaya Tapaya, Gilbert Jack, Nora Wompi and Mabel Juli. Some works are donated, and some are supplied by remote art centres that have benefited from the wills program.

Meanwhile, the Aboriginal Benefits Foundation is holding a live-only auction just over a week later at the MCA in Sydney on 11th September. This is a more heavyweight (and expensive) affair with many non-Indigenous artists offering their art for sale for the Redfern-based cause, Gunawirra – which benefits local families and children. Amongst notable names are the late Tony Tuckson, Ah Xian, Euan Macleod and George Gittoes. Of course, Aboriginal art will be on offer too – a list headed by two works of the immortals Emily Kngwarreye and Thancoupie, and including Djirrarra Wunungmurra, Lena Nyadbi and Susan Wangi Wangi.

Feast your eyes online, and then pick your cause and feast your stomachs on at least one of the two nights!

Arts Law
Aboriginal Benefits Foundation

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A fascinating work by Ah Xian for the ABF auction, 'Concrete Forest' made from concrete and wax in 2002


A serpentine work by Anangu man, Roy Underwood for the Arts Law auction


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