Great Artists, Great Stories, Limited Time

Great Artists, Great Stories, Limited Time

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 30.11.17

Dates: 24.11.17 : 25.12.17

The sale of a collection of five works by the most elite of the original Papunya Masters at 15-20% discount has been extended until 25th of December 2017 (when unsold works will be withdrawn).

These artists have achieved some of the highest prices paid to date. All works will be sold with accompanying Certificate of Authenticity, and include a description and the story as passed onto us by the Artist.

Aboriginal Art Directory has negotiated with the vendor to cut the price on these works before they are withdrawn. So take advantage of this price reduction and secure one or all these masterworks for your collection.

On offer are works by:

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri we are offering, Initiation Ceremony. A powerful, unique painting by Possum, the handprints are rarely found in his work (it's more the footprints that have dominated most of his works). The handprints announce that he is number one owner of that Country and the Dreaming depicted. With this work, we are also offering the book, The Art of Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri by Vivien Johnson (2nd ed.) as a free gift (valued at $250). Clifford holds the record for the highest price paid for an aboriginal artwork at $2.4 million.

Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula, on offer Tingari. This is a powerful work from his last transition before he passed away. This work shows the versatility of this great master providing his audience with a transition of style, totally different to what he had completed before, to ponder and enjoy for generations to come.

Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri on offer Men's Ceremony. Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri was Clifford Possum's adopted brother and one of a few survivors of the Coniston Massacre. He was the first artist Geoffrey Bardon approached to paint a Mural on the school wall which generated the interest and inspiration for the whole art movement to follow. A small man in stature but a powerful artist and one of the Masters.

Johnny Warrangkula Tjupurrula on offer Tjkarri, one of the great stories told by Johnny W. In 1996, after a nearly a decade of obscurity and loitering around the camps of Alice Springs with bad health and a mangled arm, Johnny W wandered into an Aboriginal art gallery owned by the Hollows' family, holding a wood carving with a few dabs of paint on it. After selling that carving, he asked if he might do a painting and this began the start of his last transition of works which went for another five years before he passed away. He managed to create a body of some 300 works of various sizes which includes some the largest he ever painted.

Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri Marsupial Mice Dreaming. One of Geoffrey Bardon's favourite artists, Mick Namarari was one of the first of the group to achieve great fame with exhibitions and documentaries in the mid-70's. Mick and the Moon was one that comes to mind, a documentary with Bardon. A book is being released soon (through Papunya Tula Artists) on his great career.

Also included is a large work by Emily Kngwarreye (180x97cm), My Country.

This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire one of the last works available by each of these artists with excellent provenance and at vastly reduced prices.

Remember offer is available until 25th December 2017.

The Masters at Aboriginal Art Directory Gallery.

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